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SKS MonkeyBottle including protective cap 450 ml – without mount

The MonkeyBottle was designed in such a way that it makes it much easier for the cyclist to attach and remove the water bottle from the bike.
Thanks to the cage-free system, even the smallest frames can easily be equipped with a drinking bottle. Thanks to its well thought-out design, the usual bottle holders, which are cumbersome and take up a lot of space, are no longer necessary. All you need space for is the bottle. Easy to use and easy to assemble. The closure of this bottle is based on a technology that is unique in the world. Strong magnets ensure easy closing, a stable detent for permanently high closing force.

Is a magnet-mechanical holder system that combines the advantages of a magnetic lock with those of a mechanical locking system. Strong magnets attract different modules automatically, center them and snap them into the base on the bike.

Technical specifications:

Material bottle: plastic BPA-Free
Material lid: plastic BPA-Free
Material holder: PA66GF, neodymium
Contents bottle: 450 ml
Height: 165 mm
Bottle diameter: 68 mm
Diameter with holder: 86 mm
Color: black, transparent
Weight: 119g

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